Our pralines are edible works of art, made with soul and heart, to be enjoyed by both your eyes and your mouth. The chocolate needs to be tempered to exactly the right temperature in order to create the glossy, beautiful surface, and give it that magic crack when biting into it. We hand paint all our pralines and temper the chocolate by hand, and then all the fillings are cooked from scratch to fill this little masterpiece.

French Chocolate Cake


The French chocolate cake is a classic that has been an essential part of our selection ever since the end of the 90s. Through the years, we have been working to improve it, and now it’s tastier and better than ever. Chocolate isn’t just tasty, it’s a luxury that gives that little extra enjoyment to your everyday life. The French chocolate cake melts in your mouth. It is best enjoyed during a quiet moment, where the senses can absorb the quality that this pastry stands for and is made from.


RAW Materials


It is not only knowledge and experience that is required to achieve the best result, the raw materials also play a crucial role. We want to use the very best raw materials, and organic ones where possible, so that all our pastries can be enjoyed with good conscience and have extra good flavor.



We love working with chocolate. For us, chocolate is a passion, yes, even a lifestyle. What drives us is to create an enjoyable moment and a sense of luxury for the customer. Knowing that the chocolate we use is of the highest quality, where nature and the cocoa farmer and his family are in focus, is very important to us.

Behind The Company


Behind GN Chocolates is Gunilla Norrlin, who is a trained baker. Ever since she was little, she has been collecting recipes and had a real interest in baking. 

She started the company in 1994, which then offered bread, buns and cakes. A weekend course in chocolate became the starting point for a long and passionate relationship with chocolate. For Gunilla, it is a privilege to go to a job you love, because working with chocolate is something she will never tire of.



Our products are easily accessible from many places around Ostrobothnia, in restaurants, cafés, as well as in grocery stores. 

You can find our resellers here:


Café Tintin
K-Market Sundom
Minimani Vasa
S-Market Gerby
Wasa konditori


Sale Replot
Sale Kvevlax
S-Market Smedsby
Tesses Café


K-Market Sandström
S-Market Köpings


K-Supermarket Närpes
Halpa-Halli Närpes
Hotel Red & Green


ABC Jakobstad
K-Citymarket Jakobstad


S-Market Vörå
Sale Maxmo
Nabben Restaurant
K-Market Oravais
Gårds Smak
Vörå blomstertjänst

K-Market Nykarleby
S-Market Nykarleby
Sale Korsnäs
S- Market Laihela
Café Stiina, Karleby
Prisma Karleby
Susannes Shop, Lappfjärd

The Bakery


GN Chocolates is situated in Kvimo, a village out in the Maksamaa archipelago. 

Here you will find a lovely environment with everything that country life is all about. The production started in Gunilla’s home, a few years later the production moved on to a store, where it still is today. 

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