Tillverkat med kärlek <3

About us

I am Gunilla Norrlin and I am the founder of the recently released Chocolat and Maxmo Hembakeri–bakery. I have run Maxmo Hembakeri–bakery for twenty years and I have tried many products that have been appreciated by my customers. I have now decided to invest in developing chocolate products. Several years ago I started producing French Chocolate Cake, which has gained success in the region. This success has given me more steam to further develop my business and further invest in chocolate. I want to spread chocolate joy and in the future the focus will be on the French Chocolate Cake and its LCHF–version. In the future I will be developing something I have dreamed of the past years – CHOCOLATE CONFECTION. When I have time I will also add other products to the selection, but I will still concentrate on the bestseller, the French Chocolate Cake.